A tasty and healthy start to 2019

A tasty and healthy start to 2019

Tips and tricks for a great start to the year

The new year often comes with a New Year resolution for a healthier living, and we are in the high season of strict dieting. To us, a great start to the year is however much more about making well-balanced, homemade meals, which are both tasty and nutritious without compromising on a full stomach.

On this page, you will find inspiration for just that; a fresh start to 2019.

Read through the page and get new ideas for how to make lighter versions of your favourite dishes; for how to use some of the best seasonal vegetables in your cooking, or to get inspired by the many flavourful recipes presented throughout the page. 

Add a green twist to your everyday favourites

There are many ways of eating healthier. For once, you may simply focus on having more vegetables as part of your everyday diet. Another option is to try to make some healthier snacks. Finally – and this one is our favourite: You can incorporate vegetables in your favourite dishes.

Have you tried smokey (cauliflower) hot wings, a sweet potato pizza or zucchini lasagne? If not, now is the time! 


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five seasonal veggies and how to use them

Great meals require great vegetables. And really there is no better way, than to use the ones that are in season.

We have gathered a list of five seasonal vegetables along with some suggestions for how to use them. So, it's time to fill up your fridge with seasonal veggies and start cooking.

  1. Beetroot. There are no limits for how to use beetroot in your cooking. Roasted, pickled, steamed, boiled, raw, or even used in juices and sauces. Try making patties with beetroot, a creamy beetroot hummus or a warming beetroot soup

  2. Sweet potato. This vegetable is brilliant to use in several kinds of dishes. Its taste and texture make it highly suitable in a range of everyday dishes. What about trying these loaded sweet potatoes or this quiche with sweet potato crust? 

  3. Parsnip. You probably know hasselback potatoes, but did you know that you may do the exact same with parsnips to get them roasted perfectly? We also suggest trying this creamy vegetable gratin with parsnip – it is absolutely delicious!

  4. Kale. Eat it raw or give it a quick boil. Here, we are using raw kale as the crispy element in this superfood salad. Oven-baked chips made out of kale are also worth trying! 

  5. Celeriac. It has a rich and sweet flavour and requires a shorter cooking time to get tender and delicious compared to other root vegetables. Try using it in this comforting hash with vegetables and white cheese.

20 minute dishes - the healthy way

It doesn’t have to take a whole evening to cook a delicious, healthy meal. In fact, a great meal can be made in less than twenty minutes.
Take for example the quick salmon salad, avocado and hummus flatbread, egg wrap or poke bowl with salmon.

Ready, set, cook!

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