Nussara's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Chili

Meal: Any kind of Asian noodle soup

Course: Brunch

Kitchen tool: Her beloved blender

Restaurant: Food trucks or Korea town in NYC

Foodie city: NYC or Chang Mai in nothern Thailand


Meet Nussara, a full-time foodie with a passion for Asian cuisine

Nussara is a full-time foodie - she even has it on paper. With a university degree as a food technologist, she now dedicates most of her time to food, working as a blogger, recipe developer, food stylist and photographer.

Her passion for food goes way back to her childhood, when she learned to cook from her mother. In recent years, her many travels around the world and the encounter with various food cultures have only strengthened her passion. Nussara is very fond of different world cuisines such as Italian, Mexican and Indian. However, Asian food holds a special place in her heart due to her Asian heritage. 

Nussara considers cooking a kind of therapy, almost like knitting is to others. She uses her blog as a channel for her kitchen creativity and as a place to have fun, however she also dreams of one day publishing a cookbook. Whenever she is not playing around in the kitchen, Nussara likes to do sports - hiking and diving are among her favorite pastimes

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