Nanna's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Coriander

Meal: Escargots à la Bourguignonne

Course: Breakfast

Kitchen tool: Lime press

Restaurant: Pastis, Helsinki

Foodie city: Bologna


Meet Nanna, a globetrotter and world kitchen connoisseur

Nanna is quite the globetrotter. Growing up, Nanna lived in such diverse places as Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, the US and Germany. This, together with many years of working as a waitress at sea, has given her the chance to experience a vast array of different world cuisines first-hand.

Nanna’s international upbringing is what brought about her passion for food, and to this day she considers cooking the ideal way to gather her family from near and far and to express her love for them. Cooking for larger groups doesn’t worry her at all; after all, more people just means more food, and what’s not to like about that?

At the moment, she is very excited about Korean food, but sprees like this come and go, while an all-time favourite remains Mexican cuisine as she shares their love of hearty breakfasts.

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