Line's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Lime & chilli

Meal: Braised chicken with veggies and Middle Eastern spices

Course: Dinner

Kitchen tool: A super sharp chef's knife

Restaurant: Palace Grill in Oslo

Foodie city: London and Singapore


Meet Line, a well-travelled and sentimental foodie

Throughout the years, Line has spent more than 7 years studying and working abroad. The many years in e.g. London and the US has only enforced her interest in cooking and international cuisine, but actually the interest was sparked well before that.

Already as a kid, Line was no stranger to exotic flavours and foreign cuisines, as her dad would often bring home culinary inspiration from his many travels to Asia and the Middle East. In fact, one of her first food-related memories was when she as just a toddler was “forced” to eat with chopsticks.

To Line the sentimental value and nostalgia associated with certain dishes play a central role in her appreciation of food. For as long as she remembers, she has loved food which caries a story; from childhood favourites to traditional dishes from her various travel destinations. To this day, she knows nothing better than when she succeeds in persuading a chef to share a secret recipe or when a family member shares a recipe passed on for generations. That way, she can replicate it at home and thereby bring back memories of a special moment, person or time.

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