Joacim & Karolina
Joacim & Karolina's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Spinach

Meal: Basically, anything that is made with love!

Course: Breakfast

Kitchen tool: Their brand new blender

Restaurant: Olof Viktor’s Bakery on the southern tip of Sweden and Hello Monkey in Gothenburg

Foodie city: New York 

Joacim & Karolina

Meet Joacim & Karolina, a food blogger couple and parents of twins

Joacim and Karolina not only live together and are the proud parents of lively four-year-old twins, they also share a love of good food, which they showcase on their mutual blog Matkoma (Food Coma in English). They both believe that good food doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, that it can be very simple and should always be fun to make.

When travelling, they always plan ahead and research where to find great food. Whether it’s a new food truck serving great burritos, a small village bakery known for its home-made cookies or the best falafel in town, they always seek out new food experiences and are happy to make detours to find places off the beaten path.

At home, they love to cook together as a family, and try to let their children participate as much as possible and taste whatever is on the menu: whether it is olives, sashimi or smelly cheese . As parents of twins, they know better than most that, when it comes to cooking with children, it is important to keep it easy and fast, and they want to show people how to do this without compromising on taste and quality.

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